Justin Arnold – Author

Eric and the Theory of Everything

Eric and the Theory of Everything (working title) is a sci-fi comedy novel which is currently in progress (around half completed but fully planned). It follows the adventure of Eric, an enthusiastic, impulsive and interminably unsatisfied adventurer who happens to have been born in a most unusual universe, and one which is about to reveal a terrible truth.

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Norman thought for a moment, toying with his fork against the stem of his glass, gently knocking it over and spilling red wine across the white linen, watching it soak gently into the material as though that had been his intention all along. Eric and Norman sat pondering the mysteries of the universe whilst watching small flakes of doughnut blossom into red jewels upon a scarlet sea.

“They’re not going to like it you know,” Norman volunteered at last. He eased back into his high backed chair and looked at the flickering reflections of the fire caught in the copper pans hung from the wooden beams above. “What you’re asking me is more than the Council will ever tolerate.”

Eric leant forwards, “That’s why I have come to you, Norman. I know that what I am asking you is something that you can appreciate. Think about it. We know that as a result of the Big Bubble our world, our universe, is still constantly expanding. Even if there was a time when it was doughnut shaped, it still must have expanded – but into what? That is the ultimate mystery. That’s what I need your help with.”

Norman absent mindedly wiped a small droplet that had been clinging to the end of his extraordinarily long nose, and after wondering what to do with it next, he put it back. ” I know, Eric, I know. But even if what you are suggesting were to be possible, the dangers, I mean – the risks that you’ll be taking… I don’t know that it is fair of you to ask me to put your life in such a precarious position.”

“But you will help me? I know you will Norman. You alone are the only man I know who has the ability and knowledge to achieve what I am asking. And what is more, you alone are the only man I know who has the courage to do what is necessary to find out the ultimate truth about the universe.”

“But we still have to convince the Council that it represents no danger to our universe. Bursting all theories of the Big Bubble itself is one thing. Philosophers, thinkers and scientists have been doing that for as long as peanuts, but bursting the very fabric of our universe? Breaking through the membrane that holds creation together? Bursting the Big Bubble itself? These are risks that cannot be ignored. At least, not lightly, young Eric.”

“What choice do we have? To sit idly by and wait for the universe to expand until its ultimate and inevitable demise, or seize the opportunity we have, and risk the discovery of the truth,” Eric swept his arms wide as he leant forwards, “the ultimate truth!”

Norman watched absently as Eric began picking up the vestiges of doughnuts, cups, sandwiches and glasses which had miraculously been transformed from a mildly displeasing scene of a shabbily completed dining occasion into a not entirely uninteresting mosaic of fragments, which brilliantly conveyed to the observer what a shabbily completed dining occasion might look like, were it to be swept swiftly onto the floor in a slightly unexpected dramatic flourish of over eagerness.

Eventually Norman shifted uneasily in his chair, rearranging the various parts of his body which were in danger of falling asleep, becoming over strained or simply bored with sagging limply in one direction and wished to try flopping dismally in the other. He cleared his throat. ” I think…” he began, giving the distinct impression that the actual thinking hadn’t yet begun, but was certainly high on the agenda.

© Justin Arnold 2013

Estimated date of publication: summer 2014